Foot Fetish Podcast Interview

Tada Its Sara!

Tada Its Sara!


I had the best time interviewing and being interviewed by a great domme named Sara of! She is a Mistress like me on Niteflirt and is very intelligent and fun and knows her way around a kink! Our podcast goes from the normal licking and sucking of the foot to the psychology behind the foot obsession and the sexuality of it all.  We dive into fashion and even go over how fairy tales *yes we are all Princess’s at heart DAMN IT and I still love Cinderella!* have very adult and fetishy connotations! You will love her voice as she is now my official female crush, she is on my list I tell ya.

My favorite part of the interview was finding out how flexible young Miss dominant Sara is! She can give a foot fuck job while sitting pretty on top of a guy’s back and riding him like a horsey! I admit I am shocked, awed and impressed by this feat, pun intended! I will have to try this one out very soon on one of my real time submissives.

Sara is tried and true my boys, her phone sex voice is out of this world, her pervert mind is ever churning with even dirtier things to do and best of all it seems bottomless. If you do not listen to any of my other podcasts this is truly one to cry over if you do not listen. Sara was a delight and I can not wait to interview her again in the future.

Because I know after listening to that podcast you will die to talk to such a delight, Sara has graciously given me her call button to place here for any of you to use to call her!

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