Forced Feminization Fantasy

Sissifcation, cross dressers, cock suckers, sissy maids and anal training faggots… I truly love you all. Not sure why feminization is one of my favorite genres of fetishes but it has always amused and intrigued me! I like to believe its because I have always liked playing dress up even as an adult.

What is more fun than shopping? Trying clothes on!

What is more fun than trying clothes on? Giving someone a make over!

What is more fun than giving someone a makeover? Giving someone a makeover who doesn’t really want IT!

Trying on woman’s clothing can be extremely embarrassing and is definitely very taboo for any “straight” man in a vanilla world; but in my world that vanilla soft serve has sprinkles! You know… the RAINBOW KIND!

Every boyfriend I have ever dated for any length of time has always been subjected to behind the scenes sissy behavior. From the innocent try my lip gloss on to the extreme anal training games… NO I am not making a claim that from the beginning some of these bone heads requested the kinkier forms or sexual gratification… It was actually the most masculine ones who I found the most pleasure in making doing the more extreme feminine tasks. No one knew that the college freshman quarterback actually loves having his prostate milked; or that the resident bad boy my college sophomore year grew to enjoy wearing silk thongs, even if he wasn’t going to get any ass for his trip down femme boy lane.

I would always tease them with my body, mind and words and get these soon to be sissy sluts so horny they would be willing to do anything. I mean is it really gay to suck on a dildo after its been in my sweet warm pussy? EVERY guy tries on a hot girls panties if the girl says it turns her on! If you want to stick your dick in my ass hole, you have to let me stick my finger in your ass hole! It was never long before they broke; even if we had to compromise… the NEXT time we would always go further.

Once incident stands out to me; however, one where a guy who wasn’t on any sports team but in a good frat that my sorority is close to began to get close to me. Again, I never only date one guy but he was interesting… no matter how I teased him he would hardly let go of his limits. I began to wonder if maybe I was his fag hag and he was using me as a decoy to homosexual rumors that perhaps I hadn’t heard of yet… SO I began to have him followed, by me and a few others to see what secret he could be hiding. It wasn’t long before I caught him panty raiding and then SNIFF through the female dorms!

I almost laughed myself sick watching this fucking retarded ass loser riffle through mounds of questionably sanitary laundry in search of crusty underthings. From panties to slips; from bras to short shorts, this freak show would stop at NOTHING to find dirty undies with the freshest cum possible!

The question arises though… did I confront him, take pictures and show him later or ignore it and continue with our now sordid and soiled relationship? I did exactly what a dominate fem domme should! I marched right up to that loser and caught him red handed!! He looked at me with a mixture of surprise, fear and anguish as I made him finish the deed… to which I must add he must have cum the hardest he has ever cum in his life… After that day he was no longer just one of my buddies… he began my home work bitch, my sissy housemaid, my anal training femme bitch and best of all my forced dress up dolly.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • .Dave October 22, 2014, 6:22 pm

    Wow, great story at the end. Especially since it was true:) You almost stalked him pretty much 🙂 The thought of being stalked by a woman is so exciting.