Forced Masturbation Mp3

Forced Masturbation Niteflirt Challenge:

Before I get into the latest happenings with my little Niteflirt jealous Domme, I thought I would let you know about my latest mp3. This is a light humiliation forced masturbation mp3 in which I give a count down at the end as to whether or not you get to cum; highly seductive and highly addictive so be warned pets. I love guided masturbation as many of you know; the power of controlling your orgasm is a great power high for a Princess such as myself. If you have never experienced forced masturbation this is a great starter mp3 for you! It is a continuance to my previous forced masturbation / stroking mp3 then to click here. I do do personalized mp3s pets so feel free to contact me on niteflirt or on my blog if you would like a custom recording for your addiction purposes.

My Views on Forced Masturbation:

Many believe you can not force someone to masturbate, I mean we all do it… But its not so much about forcing someone to masturbate so much as the control over the outcome from the forced masturbation! I really love hearing a pet jerk exactly how I say and edge playing him to the ultimate orgasm… that is if I decide to actually allow him to cum. Trust me, even with forced masturbation you have to earn the right to get off, your are not allowed to just do it! Hearing your panting and flapping of your fist against your tiny ass balls and the begging tones in your voice as you get teased and denied! Not to mention when I force you to continue to masturbate even AFTER you have cum! HEHEHE! Oh but the most wicked things I do… oh well I will not get into that pets… you shall have to wonder what a live forced masturbation session is like with me, that is until you finally actually go through with it! I love edge play and forcing you to bend to my will!

So more about the little Domme that couldn’t, Oh I am actually making more money talking about the ridiculous claims she is launching than before. I was actually on a bit of a hiatus these past few months and only on Niteflirt very minimally. I try to tell these girls that any publicity is good publicity and as she pointed out… the few things she did mention that are true are obvious! No one really cares when it comes to a true BDSM relationship, the types that I harbor and foster. She continues you rant and rave and the funny part is, she continues to call those who continue to serve me * all 100% she messaged by the way * idiots for doing so… Take my advice sweet heart, If you were worth your weight in salt or had any clue what you were talking about… you would be too busy getting money like me to even notice anyone else. All you really are doing is showing HOW much of a threat I really am to you and how powerful I am. Had I been some no body on Niteflirt, never on the front page of Find Women, my category and always on top in my sub category, you wouldn’t even bother to try and take me down, but the fact that I am and continue to be so after the years you have tried your pathetic tactics only proves one thing…. I have staying power and you need a life 🙂


Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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