Introduction of the Mighty Amberly

Hello all you pathetic small dicked and otherwise useless men that are here to worship me! For those who don’t know or haven’t had the opportunity to call me on the phone and talk in person, I am Amberly Rothfield of Bourne, Tx. As a 20 year old college student, *please note my birthday is in November!* I enjoy many male suitors of my choice at UT Austin. My preference? Black jocks with big cocks! Ok, no I am not racist, I just love giantic cock and from what I can tell, both rumors denoting that once you go black you will never go back and black guys have huge penises are both megally TRUE!

Anyways back to who I am and what I am about…. I am extremely dominant! I am not a fake dominant girl, I live the life. I believe your born with dominant or submissive tendancies and I was born to rule all. I have always been very commanding and knew exactly what I wantted and strived in every aspect of my life to achieve what I set out to do and for the most part do. Do I want the finer things? Yes, and do I have them? Yes. Do I want to be educated and run my own business….? Yes! So yes I am in college working on my business degree in accounting and resource management. Now do I do domination in real life? Yes I do! From cuckolding, financial, small dick humiliation, forced feminization and so on, I love using men as slaves and I believe in true female domination and power. This is not a gimick to me or a sham but who I really am, and do I profit from it? Your damn right I DO! Would you let some one you barely know watch you fuck you one of your boy toys and have them get off in front of you for free? Maybe that is your kink and you would for free; however, though cuckolding does get me hot…. I also know what its worth, and for me to afford to go out to the hottest clubs in Austin, to wear my cute designer clothes and pay for school, I know you losers, bozos and bitches will pay! I like to call my cuckies my sponsors and they willingly sponsor my dates.

Now about how I got into the BDSM world. If you aren’t aware of then you are missing out on alot! When I left home at 18, I began to explore my femme wilds more than before. I have always loved and craved attention and would use it to my advantage; from getting out of tickets to getting a higher grade, from getting my car fixed for free to getting free rides home or alcohol as a minor. The magic of short skirts, heals and low cut tops is astonding and ashtonishing to many that don’t understand the true power of the pussy! So when I got out of my house I started doing research online, and found On that site I made a profile found tons of other dominants and submissives, literature, get togethers and local munches in my area. The rest is history! I discovered all that I had been doing had been done for ages and had official names and histories and crap like that.

I began to turn to my local community to learn more and acquire my throng of adoring losers and the like. It wasn’t long before I had my eyeballs up to men groveling at my feet, then Justin came along. You will hear lots about Justin as he was my first slave/ sugardaddy. Now we never formally had sex though we came as close as any of my losers will ever most likely. He was loyal and understanding and most of all rich.  He taught me my true self worth and showed me what true adoration is. Any dipshit with a dick can say he loves you and shove a bottle up his ass while snorting salt and twisting his cock into a pretzle. Any ding bat with an oversized click can dress in high heels a wig and panties and suck cock more feverishly than a coke addict back street sex crazed maniac; but it takes a true submissive to hand over his paycheck and do all those things!

Justin had an account on Niteflirt and as it was the easiest way for him to give me the cash I rightfully deserve as the magnificent being I am, I signed up. I admit I was reluctant to talk to just any slime ball who decided to give me a ring but he made it clear that this is how I deserved to be worshipped. He paid for me to go to the photo studio, take pictures, do video and eventually to set up this blog and members area.

That’s right guys thank Justin for all he has done to bring me to the public!

Well that is the long and short about me now here is what to expect out of me.

Please know what your particular kink is when you call me and please do not go for a normal sex call. My take is that if your calling me you expect to be dominanted and that expectation is also true on the reciprocal. I made my listings in the domination section of niteflirt for a reason… cause I only care to dominate submissives males. If you know in your heart that women make you weak and you are pathetic to me, that is fine! Please tell me if you need explanations is the different types of kinks, but I do expect feedback off you! You know what turns you on and I am not or claim to be a fucking psychic! You can call keen for that folks not me…. I can name over 5000 fetishes and if you fucking ask me to just dominate you that will be the response you get ” Ok I can name 5000 fetishes would you like me to list them all then have you pick which ones most describes you?”.

I get it you don’t know the terminology of what makes your little weener stand up and salute. Not a problem I assure you, but I KNOW you can describe what about females or what kinds of things you go for. I can take from that and build you a mind blowing fantasy! Don’t believe me? Read my fucking feedback at .

Also though I can do it if that is your kink, I am more sensual in my approach to domination. Do I belittle and make you feel small? Yes but I don’t harp and scream and yell like a fucking banchee. I have room mates and neighbors too… but if that is what you want and you ARE paying $1.99 a minute I can do it, or if you REALLY piss me off.

When you call I am more often than not in my bedroom, on my bed LISTENING to you. Not doing my hair, ironing or anything of the sort. Its about me listening and cluing in on your little triggers and exploiting them to my advantage. Only if you call my ignore lines or party line will you hear me doing other things. Yes on both lines I do little to no actual talking to you. I am either doing chores, studying or in the case of my party line fucking and living it up with my girls.

Do I have private lines? Yes, these are strictly for my favorites and those who join my members area. They can call and listen to me every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and sometimes Monday Night fucking my big black guy of the night!

On the free side, I will often release video previews and shoot for a weekly to bi-weekly podcast, denoting my week and what events are coming up. While I will get nude in my pictures and video I will not release nudity for free, just won’t happen don’t bother asking.

Lastly I am building a fetish online magazine called  College Snob at, Be READY for its release.

Enough about me for now gotta go run. Later LOSERS!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • Justin July 8, 2008, 5:01 am

    Thanks for the recognition Princess