How to Ruin Your Marriage: For Goddess Amberly

ruin your marriage for dommeYour Marriage Needs to End For You To Be HAPPY!

NO no, I am dead serious.. Monogamy is such a farce as humans are not meant to be with just one person and if you are reading this right now, then clearly you need just a bit more in your life than your stuffy old ball and chain. You NEED Goddess Amberly, aka ME, in your life. It’s ok, you don’t have to admit it out loud. I know the truth ;). Humans are sluts; men and women alike and until you accept that fact, you will be miserable.

So am I saying pack up and leave your wife today? NO! Yes, I know now your crazy lost as to what I am talking about. Don’t worry I will illuminate you.

You have to say good bye to the traditional and societal view of what a marriage should be in order to be happy. Society says that EVEN reading websites like this BDSM based one means your cheating on your wife. So by that logic is your wife reading 50 Shades of Grey also cheating on you? We as a species will never be happy with monotony; in fact, by nature we rebel against it.

So back to my original point as to why you need to ruin your marriage for the ultimate Dominatrix shall we? By shattering this archaic notion that we need thought police in order to be faithful, you are ruining what most would consider your marriage and taking your rightful place at the foot of Me, Goddess Amberly. What does this mean for you? Glad you asked ;)! It means you will be much happier overall! You can finally be yourself and be open with how you feel rather than trying to suppress all the time. Trying to deny yourself always means that when you break, you will do so hard! Why break over and over until your irrepareable? Trust me when I say it is far cheaper to serve Me than to pay that therapy bill.

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