Humilated Wife Mp3: Emma’s Revenge!

You read that right! Emma is getting her revenge on her niteflirt addict husband! This is something I bet none of you have seen coming and I thought way to awesome to not release!

The call starts out like any other, Emma explains that she can’t possibly keep paying such a greedy ass Princess and how she hates taking Niteflirt phone calls and how she lost everything * which you will be surprised by ALL that she has in fact lost! *. I of course am nothing but a snotty little bitch to her and constantly reminding her about her failed marriage and how much more superior I am to her! She breaks down crying and it is in that moment that we cook up a plan to totally dismantle Eddie all together!

Note everything in the mp3 has already happened. This story is concluded, and Eddie… is no more! He has been completely destroyed but it is the HOW that makes this so compelling! This mp3 is FAR more awesome in that you get to hear the plan be cooked. It’s sister mp3 will be released later detailing what happened to Eddie and what happened to poor old Edward! HAHAHHA!!!

Just a reminder, never mess with the Queen Bitch of Niteflirt Domination losers! Princess rules supreme!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • afoolandhismoney February 2, 2010, 8:39 pm

    This story has been more compelling than any TV drama. It started with Eddie of course and how he fell foul of the Princess (I know too well how it can happen!) but the subsequent chapters have seen Emma take centre stage with her (wo)manful efforts to keep the Thompson house afloat. All the way through we have been drawn (and entrapped ourselves) by Amberly’s control, power and mocking and that is all very much in evidence again here but, as she says above, the story takes a massive twist as Princess engineers a thrilling climax (? or not yet) with the introduction of a new devilish ploy! Can WE learn the lesson not to mess with the Queen Bitch of Niteflirt Domination?