I got INTERVIEWED? Free Podcast Listen!

Listen to “E11 – Interview with Goddess Amberly Rothfield, Online Phone Domme Operator” on Spreaker.

I told you guys I would be getting interviewed!

The lovely couple who host this podcast are sex positive kink enthusiasts. We had an amazing conversation before, during and after the podcast was recorded and if EVER invited back on again, I will so go on.

Angelique is studying kink therapy. Yup, its a thing! Apparently, kinky play can heal past trauma and no that isn’t some woo science! I didn’t know there was an official degree available for such and am now thinking of going back to school. ( career student?!?).

Back to the interview, I shared some crazy stories about different callers and even one from Mistress Shayna aka www.shayniac.com about a guy who got trapped in car. We also talked about how Bitcoin kind of fucked the adult industry and how Home Depo is the inspiration for kink based hospital visits. None of that makes sense? Then listen to the podcast. If any of that makes sense, listen anyways, it is amazing.

We also had  fun time talking about one of my FAVORITE fetishes, cock and ball torture. Beware though, I haven’t a set of balls and yet my crotch still hurts thinking of the story I tell. I am still oddly very proud of the pain I put upon that pet as well though.

I would implore you guys to make a Spreaker account though, as you can then follow this cast and the one I can considering creating. Spreaker is one of the FEW last bastions that aren’t adult industry hostile. There are quite a few kink based podcasts on there.. ( totally haven’t reached out to every single one of them and booked most in upcoming interviews ).

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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