I Truly Get Off On Life Ruination


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I can’t say that I am truly in full understanding of why you submissive males trip over yourselves to fall before me. I mean I am a scholar of psychology but it does defy our need for self preservation so deeply eh?

Many have wondered though, do I, Goddess Amberly get off on ruining lives. What I get off on is power and I have found the most profound highs to be that of destroying a pet’s life.

Usually this means the wife will not be coming along. They snatch a check ( or lawyer ) and get the hell out of dodge and leave their husband limp dicked and in the dust. I often am the excuse to leave misery that they have been waiting for.

Can’t say that I blame them!

Then there are the diamonds in the rough. Usually the uglier women, they will accept anything that breathes and the fact that they bagged a millionaire? Well like the little whore Emma, the first wife I recorded the phone call and broadcast, they stick around and take a ton of abuse to ensure they keep their ‘security’.

That is where I slowly eat away at every refuge they find. Call me the Freddie Kruger of home-wrecking, wife whoring and blackmail.

I sit and toy with them endlessly and even give them glimpses of hope but only stamp it out. I always make sure they feel they can escape. Sad fools.

They gleefully bend for me in hopes of pleasing me and that I will leave them alone. Again, sad sad ugly women.

Many ask me why the wives… they are innocent. PLEASE! I have met few I believe actually didn’t know about their husband’s perversions and the ones who stay ALWAYS admit to knowing.

I know many of your jaws will drop reading the above line. That nice ignorance you cocoon yourself into believing envelopes you that your significant other doesn’t know (and those of you who think because there is no ‘wedding’ that your safe, if you have neighbors or friends…. ). Well let that bubble be POPPED now.

Home-wrecking, as alluded to in the above, does not stop at mere wives. Your HOME is not WRECKED until you feel you can never return to it. How do I achieve this? Simple! I also attack neighbors, friends and co workers.

Sure many of them will never be prostituted for my benefit and entertainment but it ensures that you will never have the same life you had before me.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • Hans December 29, 2015, 12:14 pm

    Wow, you are so insanely evil… and perfect in being so.
    I am definitely not jealous of these poor men that get their lives ruined, Mistress