Is Your Wife The Type to be Manipulated?

Wife Manipulation Made Easy:

Daily I get asked if I could manipulate someone’s wife, friend, girlfriend, neighbor and any other person in their life. The answer is not as simple as one would think. Of course the answer you want to hear and most phone sex operators would instantly tell you would be YES OF COURSE * insert annoying giggle * but I truly like to do this in real life and as a result I give out the real answer! Now figuring out that answer takes a few questions and analysis based on my method of manipulation but now I have created a pay to view via niteflirt for you pets to be able to find out if your wife can be manipulated by myself.

Wife Manipulation Control:

My wife manipulation questionnaire is simple and after you have answered the questions in full you can get a full answer as well as the beginning steps to bringing down your wife a peg or two or ten for my personal enjoyment. Now wife manipulation is one of my favorite fetishes and I highly encourage anyone curious in this fetish and thinking of purchasing this mp3 to also consider the very popular What I Would Do To Your Wife Mp3, to find out if this is really for you. Wife manipulation should not be taken lightly pets and remember I am very serious about it and owning all the old frumps I can!

Train My Female Pet For Me: Holly Assignment:

So pets with the holidays upon us I am looking to you losers to take care of my pet for me. When she knows I will be busy she tends to act up for attention, like most of you do… so I have created a set of assignments for you pets to use on her to ensure she stays in top condition for Mistress. Even as her submissive you can report back to me whether she is doing a good job worshiping me from afar or not. Make sure that you report back to me her performance and that she is being a good girl for you, my pets. And Holly, because I know your reading this… there will be public blog humiliation and punishment if you do not keep to your duties as my female submissive. I may have another one who is public now but that is no excuse to slack off. Get to it boys! We know you like worshiping me by going thru Holly!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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