Landlord Blackmail: How I Got My Rent Paid


Yes I know its a sign of the apocalypse that Goddess is doing some blackmail fantasy! It has been long since known that you can serve me without actually being blackmailed and I only take on those who fill out the contract but there is a little known fact out there. I enjoy blackmail role plays from time to time. Oh its true!! Only really good imaginative ones though. This mp3 was sparked by a call I recently received in which we did such a role play. It was extremely hot and erotic to think of doing everything described in it to someone in real life; as you guys know Goddess enjoys also blackmailing people in My life as well!!! 😉 Oh it is true, I think daily about how to ensnare those who have what I want and this fantasy would be the perfect way to do so if I lived in a condo or apartment ever again. Very devious planning and you can get some insight into My cruel trapping methodology for when I snap up a blackmail victim!

These past 30 days seems like it has been the days of the sissies! I swear you would think that I have nothing but sissy slaves. Nothing wrong with that at all but seriously, you would be fags are coming out in full force. I had the BEST time with My newly anointed sissy Sarah! I had her chair dancing in a cute little nurse outfit all dressed up. At first she just moved her butt from side to side but after playing Star Wars Old Republic with Myself * Yes I LOVE to game * she was dropping it and twerking that ass like she had rent to pay! In the game, I made her make a bimbo character that was blonde and forced her to flirt and blow kisses at other male characters. Then on cam I made her dance and act like her character and I think it went straight to her head. Sissy Sarah is now a D I V A. It was great watching this transformation! She BEGGED to continue dancing and wanted for Me to bring friends to come watch her. She will definitely be putting on a show for Myself and girlfriends soon. I was in tears watching her pop it and drop it like its hot over and over. I promise you there are few strippers in the night clubs that could keep up with Sarah last night and even though her junk kept falling out, there is probably few losers who pay strippers for entertainment who would have disappointed with THAT show!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • Seanie123 June 15, 2013, 5:58 pm

    Reality or fantasy Princess knows exactly what she is doing