Life After Blackmail Mp3

Yet another soon to be legendary blackmail mp3 created by me, something few Domme’s will even devulge but your lucky… I go above and beyond with the blackmail fetish being as well… I truly enjoy and do the REAL blackmail, not a fantasy or “experience”.

Featured in my latest and arguably my racist mp3, I talk about some of my more memorable blackmail slaves and not only their lives but how they became intangled in such a dangerous fetish. I discuss in detail the horror and dishonor they suffered and a few of the methods I use to expose you not just on the internet but in your real life… most do not involve a phone EITHER!

I also talk about where some of my favorite pets are now, about a few returning to the fetish they once get burned by and how I managed to track down others who got away and how their life is now….

This is REALLY a mp3 you can not miss if you wish to get into blackmail of any form with me or any Mistress… a think twice piece hehe! I know what your thinking as well, why would I release a piece that would turn you losers away?

Well due to the EXTREME popularity of my latest set of interactive blackmail games, I find that I am hammered down with losers who can not use their brain enough to realize that blackmail is not for those with no money…. or those who can not follow simple direction….

Consider this my weeding out process lol!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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