Loser Andy Update

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You Can't WIN!


Well most of you know I have awesome feedback because I am a kick ass fem domme. Well Andy got pissed after I blocked him and decided to give me feedback because he was sooooo upset that once again he had been dissed by another hot girl, this time even though he was paying * which he is only a 4 minute wanker so yeah wasn’t even worth it*. Did I mention he wasn’t much of a slave? As mentioned before in my last post, Andy likes to hang up and only spend maybe 10 bucks because hes broke… waste of my TIME…

If your a broke ass at LEAST afford some manners idiot….

I do say thanks to Andy because of you I got some great tributes because the other losers finally see… I AM THAT MUCH OF A BITCH! I do not care about you, I WILL block your ass and leave you with a hardon standing in the dust while I drive off with your cash! You are replaceable, useless, and frankly I don’t give a flying fuck about you!

By the way the “alleged” ridiculous tribute was only 100 dollars, play money for the guys I prefer to play with lol.

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