Making Your Wife More Submissive


It is only natural for a Domme who actually calls wives, bosses, neighbors and anyone you know … to have the knowledge of how to bend a person to her power. I am frequently asked how to make a wife be more submissive. Not from a “women should bow to me standpoint” for the husband but rather from the “I want her to serve you” angle.

I do preach female superiority over males BUT I do realize that some women… just AREN’T! It will never happen. I am all about taking power, I have mentioned this frequently. I do not care from whom I take said power from either. If a woman who is born with power, bows before Me… I do not see that as a breech of sisterhood rather but as a boost up the Female Superiority Totem Pole of Life. It only serves to show that I am truly more powerful.

So how do I accomplish making a wife submissive? Well, thankfully for Me, American culture and idiotic Christian ‘values’ instill the ground work for Me from birth for most. Women in American are brainwashed into wanting to cow down before a male. Since I easily dominate that which they deem as their King, they are more than willing to hold onto their man no matter what. Especially after you factor in the fact that men who come before Me mostly make 6 figures or greater. These women are WELL taken care of and in many cases are used to turning a blind eye. They are used to pretending their husbands aren’t talking to a Domme.

I just force them to face the music and you will be surprised by how many actually stick around (over 90%). They are willing to be ‘kinky’ to keep their place in their husbands lives. I can truly humiliate these women easily by dangling their husband’s wallets in front of them. Money though, for women, can only last for so long. We will, in general, take only so much torment for a price. That is when I start emotionally manipulating them. Using, again, their husbands I can easily cut off their family/friends from access to them. No support system means they will be more reliant on Myself and their husband for attention.

Then I start the more shaming missions. So, they have no support system and I am making them do more and more degrading things. This really makes them WANT to be cut off as they won’t want anyone they once knew to know what they are doing now. At this point, it becomes a self sustaining cycle that needs little feeding to keep going. The more they fall down that rabbit hole, the more submissive the wife will become. Eventually, the prison that I constructed becomes run by the wife themselves in which they become the warden that keeps the prison willingly. Very few women leave this formula once it is fully installed and only a handful bother to leave before it is.

That is essentially how I, Goddess Amberly of Niteflirt, keep a wife under lock and key.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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