Mind Fuck Destruction

So you guys often ask me, what it is like to be completely destroyed by me. I decided a simple screen shot would show this well.

Niteflirt tributes

Matthew came to me not wanting the blackmail that most of you fools drool over. No he just wanted to chat… So I made him first send me a 60 dollar gift card and we did just that on yahoo. Talked about sports, he found I am a HUGE NFL lover, about clothes and school, family, friends and all kinds of just basic stuff. When I would hint at fetish he would politely say no he wanted to get to know me. So we kept on… and on… one hour later I told him to pony up some more. Another 120  hit my amazon account! FUN!!!! So we chat for another 2 hours. During this two hours I wrote down all kinds of things he mentioned and in the last 30 minutes decided that I would spring my trap! I mean he just tossed almost 200 at me for just talking, think about what I can get once I am inside of this bozo’s head!! And he thought we were just playing nicey nicey!!! HAHAHAH FOOLL!

SO… I exposed him in the chat session, showed him is weaknesses and got on webcam to expose them! It seems that some one he knew growing up was a cheerleader and younger than him. He had a HUGE crush on her growing up and since has this fetish for cheerleaders. He can only get off when thinking about one!!

ON webcam I showed this loser my cute cotton full backed panties and pleaded skirt. I grabbed my pompoms and shook them about driving him NUTS! He wanted wished and begged for release and to even touch himself. But it wasn’t till I got the tribute above did I let him.

He was dumbfounded after the fact; confused and dazed that after a few hours of talking about the most bland stuff that I could pin point his weaknesses so easily and lull him into a sense of complete security!

I hear you quaking in your boots, I can feel how scared you all are; as you all should be. See I do not play nice and I do not play the games many of you would be “pay piggies” are after. I simply work over the REAL DEALS. Poor Matthew learned this the hard way. He wanted me to force him to tell me what I wanted to know; not knowing that I a being of higher intellect could deduce what he likes through the vanilla stuff that he likes. This is a high stakes game… who wants to play??

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • Rpowers174 November 27, 2011, 8:46 pm

    This story is amazing and makes me want to chat with you on IM. I’m not into blackmail either but can’t stop checking out your blog because you are so damn intriguing.