Mistress May I Cum?

Mistress allows you to cum!

We both know the only way you get to cum is if a hot Mistress such as myself allows you too. Well since I am busy getting my new computer you freaks paid for set up, you get to sit back and play my new game to earn your wank. That is right, I am continuing my old series of work for your wank. This is one of my hottest non blackmail games in a long time pets, so you can jerk it to Mistress without worry of being turned into a zombie pay pet.

What has Mistress been up too?

Well besides playing around on twitter again, Mistress has been setting up my new layout to my house as well as new computer. My old workstation… well I kind of killed it. I burn through computers with all the graphics work I do, go figure! I also re did my Niteflirt listing on my main listing and more are to come or I guess for you pets cum…

It’s been a long time since Mistress Amberly has talked about her favorite pets so lets change that up shall we? * what is up with talking in the 3rd person *?

Besides my little Canadian pet who I have been heavily researching, oh you know who you are Mr I constantly call you but you decline just to drive me wild…, I have been up to my EYEBALLS with my last blackmail game. Your favorite Mistress has been weeding out the wanna bes but I still have about 2000 * literally not an exaggeration * of you blackmail junkies to go through.  Remember tributes are a great way to get bumped up that list. So many of you losers are just burger flippers with dreams of being destroyed by me… No I only take on QUALITY! It is fun to scare you broke subs though with how much I can find out on you.

There is my ever loyal Dtrain as well, always a favorite of Mistress! He knows how to tribute and keep me laughing. A sense of humor is always a great thing.

I also have a new stroke pet who I have been playing nightly with. I will call him PTVPET, I love sending him Niteflirt PTV’s and he opens them and sends me back love letters about how amazing I am. Great for Ego stroking aren’t you;)?

My little sock boy, you know who you are, has been showing lots of promise as well and is close to the top of my list to contact next hehe.

UGH sooo many of you losers and not enough time… maybe I will go into more detail later about my favorites.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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