My First Princess Podcast


I am very excited to announce my first podcast is up and running. Stupid plugins for wordpress has been a pain but I finally got one of my phone sex piggies who is a technical genius to figure out why it wasn’t working… seems the oh so pretty theme I picked out wasn’t as compatible as one would have thought.. ugh how screwy technology can be.

Moving right along, expect weekly to bi weekly podcasts from me telling about any interesting things that happen through out the week, any piggies who make my worth mentioning list, events and updates to my website or any other comments I find that the general public who reads my blog should know.

This week has been a trial in it of its self with some major papers due in my English and Macro Economics classes but I managed to get them done with some help of super geek Travis. He adores me but is one of the poor college students who couldn’t afford the fart that comes out of my posh ass! Thats fine though, cause we all know he has his uses! I make him do the boring research part of all papers for me, make note cards and compile the important parts then I sit down about a week before and write it all out. Now is this out of sheer laziness that I allow others to do my homework? Am I the sterotypical dumb ass pretty girl who makes average grades and has to sleep with teachers to pass? While I have been known to give a teacher or two some one on one study time it has never been because I am in any way inadequate in the intellect department NO! Travis wants my attention and well studying is all fine and dandy but it deprives me of my vaulable time with my real life submissives, shopping, family, friends and partying.

For a little bit of one on one time and teasing and denial, Travis gets to do my homework which he is very good at and loves to study and has no real life anyways, so what pray tell would I be depriving him of anyways?

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