Never Cum Again Hypnosis Mp3

So I am going to be away this weekend, and is why I have been away most this week as I prepared. Never fret though! I am leaving behind ENOUGH STUFF to get you idiots through!

Any of you on my Niteflirt mailing list should know about my Never Cum Again MP3, but if you dont here you go losers, click and wank for THE LAST TIME EVER! This is my most POWERFUL Hypnosis mp3 yet!

Well this doesn’t help  those of you who already listened and got FUCKED by this mp3, so this Niteflirt Princess decided to …. dun dun dun… make the reversal!

WOAH WAIT WHAT? How can something that is irreversible become… reversible? Hypnosis in it of itself can NEVER be irreversible but there are ways to HIDE trigger words so that someone CAN’T get out easily at all. So I made this mp3 to take you out, considering I know the triggers in place in your mind from my previous hypnosis mp3, it is fairly easy for me to break this one up.

WARNING: This mp3 since its a reverse to something I find way to amusing I am upping the price on significantly! Those on my mailing list got it for cheaper but those of you who AREN’T cant kick rocks and pay MORE LOSERS!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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