New Blackmail Outting Method: 30 Days and OUTED!

blackmail-outingOuting pets is what I have become famous for without a doubt but till now I have kept close to My chest some of the methods I unleash on those I… leash! This mp3 denotes one of My grimiest and most effective methodologies in making sure I get my way with a pet. Utilizing an automatic calling system, I record a message that will be blasted out to all your friends and family via their cell phones. The blast will come out after 30 days and there is NO stopping it but what your forced to do during that time is truly sinister. Get a glimpse into one of the lives of My prized blackmail pets and I do warn you that you may find it difficult to sleep tonight if you purchase this.. do not complain that you were not warned.

Click the image below pets and see what I made in one day haha! 666! Not my best day by far, I have seen thousands of over 2k days but this is the first time I saw the devil in my bank account and trust I found that as a good sign ;). I recently found some new pets whom I love! Bob is a gay guy who needs to come out of the closet and I plan on helping him using the method in the mp3 you can buy today. I also acquired a new potential blackmail pet from Norway. I am head over heels with how sweet and amusing he is. I think within the week I shall lock this pet down 😉


Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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