New Humiliated Wife: Heather Understone the Mp3


I always thought when I first started putting out live phone calls and proving the wives I humiliate are real that it would come to a halt. Not that that was my intent but I never foresaw the amount of guys who were sooo desperate to get their wives under my control and be outed. How many of you this is not fantasy for… Well Heather’s husband is no exception to what many of you have experienced. He knowingly sought my blackmail attentions. He thought foolishly, like many of you, that I do indeed back down and would not target his wife. Surely I would fight scream and cry before I would do that right? No… Goddess is a callous bitch and I swung the hammer of malice down swift and hard. He simply missed a payment and then he had to pay the price. The mp3 details what I did to his wife and how I used her as a weapon against him but this mp3 morphed into more…. Because Heather I know is reading this blog now… she is shaking wondering what will become of her… Well Heather, I suggest you buy this mp3 and listen to the warning at the end. It isn’t too late at least for you. Turn your back on your husband now and perhaps you can escape the hell he is about to reap.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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