New Stroking Addict Humiliation

Photo Paid to Be taken Down:

That is a pet of mine indeed; jizzing on his credit card he uses to pay Me. I tell ya, tributing Me is clearly an orgasmic experience. I wonder what he will use to clean that up with? EEP!

Goddess has been really busy lately! I have found some new stroking addicts I will call boobybitch and randycandy. I know cliche names indeed! Boobybitch will spend any amount dictated just to permission to blow his load to some huge tits. He originally paid for an unseen photo per his request, soo… I googled a pair of floppy old woman tits and send him the ripoff message due to his rather rude way of requesting * acting as if I had to send them… yeah ok pal *. He laughed it off and requested properly and off we went. I pulled a fast 3 grand from his wallet before he was able to cum.

Randycandy is completely different! This booger sugar addict was just as easy to manipulate and cash in on; however, it was a bunch of alcohol and cocaine bumps for him! We played all night long with him being teased, denied, pounding down shots and snorting up lines. I had him so fucked up he was talking to the walls and bottles of booze by the end of the night. He awoke the next morning asking about what all happened. Well I had video for him as he was on cam! He paid me another 2 grand on top of his original 2k  to keep the video too Myself. Apparently he is a BIG to do in town and that would demolish him. OUCH! That is bad information for Me to have Have randy!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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