Niteflirt Beta Testing, Niteflirt Shut Down NOT!


Black Mail Phone SexNO losers Niteflirt is NOT shut down… it is in beta while they put in new features and perfect old ones which will improve the site and your PRINCESS of phone sex experience!

You can still contact me through Niteflirt though at

To those misreading the front page of… let me set it straight for you illiterate bitches! They aren’t going to be down for a year or not coming back till next year; they ARE live and will be COMPLETELY back up in the NEAR future.

You can still use the beta niteflirt site though it may have a few bugs! No biggy loser I AM WORTH IT! You also can not call in to get a hold of me. Rather you HAVE to be on the website. Make sure you have plenty in your account though… not only because I WANT YOUR MONEY but because adding to your account while on the call doesn’t always register. So plan ahead for me to screw your mind over and deny deny deny!

So there is yet another Guarded Post… This time its Ginger. Yes a BOY named Ginger! I almost didn’t believe it till I got access to his online bank account! His parents are some sort of immigrants and thought this was a proper boy’s name for some reason. His parents damned him to being a LOSER! I would like to say it gets better from there but it doesn’t. Well for me it does!

This complete idiot blows tons on me right and left with tributes and one day goes to my wishlist CLICK HERE. Sure some of it seems like junk but hey I broke my bed that night I did the group cam show for my piggies so I made Ginger buy me a new frame lol! Why some of the items aren’t showing up as purchased I don’t know but oh well. I also got about 10 pairs of new pumps and boots; Ginger expect to see exclusive video of me putting them on, and about 12 new dresses.

Ginger is so eager to please me! I even got him to write  me some poems about how lovely I am. I will be posting those very soon in my blog! Keep this up Ginger and you won’t have to worry about your pictures or info going up in my blog any time soon!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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