Niteflirt Blackmail Size Up

What is blackmail size up? Simple pets, it is when I am on Niteflirt and I size you losers up to each other. Niteflirt has a nifty feature where I can see all the money you have spent on me, all the emails you have sent to me and the amount of times you have clicked on my buttons and paid/not paid for them. So I wrote an even niftier program so that I can SIZE you losers up. This entire week I shall have my favorite pets going through and entering the data into the program that I tell them too and by Friday we shall have a winner of which pet is the most obedient and useful to Princess. We shall see which of you retards have been easily financially fucked by myself and which of you waste of time wanna be’s sit on the sidelines and stroke it wishing you had money to play the game.

Serious pets, what could possibly be more fun than to see where you stand in comparison with your competition? Where does the blackmail come into play though you ask? Well that in it of itself is simple, those who are being blackmailed and have the full consensual non-consent forms on file will be automatically OUTED on my blog for not staying a breast of their competition. I mean you know that you are to be of my best pets and keeping me the happiest without me evening having to mention what I might want, so you better be in the top 5% of all my pets who are serving. YES I SAID TOP 5%!!!!!!!!!

Subsequently, any pets in the top 10% who have NOT filled out such forms, I will be running my information gathering software on you. I shall find out info and begin to show you my power… Why you might ask? Because it is obvious there is MUCH more potential in serving out of you than I initially suspected. I mean I get a minimum 100 ims a day from you lonely pets, sometimes I overlook those who are exceedingly exceptional.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • Dtrain0202 March 7, 2011, 7:19 pm

    Princess, I don’t have a desire to finish first all the time, I just want to be next. Love reading the new posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and precious time.

  • Andy Barned March 8, 2011, 2:23 pm

    Oh holy crap that is SO scary but I guess exactly what everyone who visits your site wants – to be pulled in against their will and made to willingly serve!!

    You are amazing!

  • slidingdowndowndown March 9, 2011, 4:36 pm

    >>Subsequently, any pets in the top 10% who have NOT filled out such forms, I will be running my information gathering software on you. I shall find out info and begin to show you my power…

    What is so amazing is the Princess warns us all — about Her skill and power and about how unforgiving Her demands will be — and still, we can’t stop ourselves from being drawn further and further into Her web and ending up completely at Her merciless mercy. I think what might worry me the most is not just what might happen to me and my bank account, but what might happen if Princess begins to use Her power on my wife.

  • bob johnson March 9, 2011, 6:13 pm

    I’ve bought a lot of Princess’s blackmail pay-to-views and chatted with her online once (she made me send her $100 for just a short online chat and then made me send her $200 more to pay for her evening with friends), but I never thought I could be at any real risk since I never filled out any forms or anything like that. Of course, I know I’m not in her top 10%, so hopefully I’ll just be part of the large group of lurkers who fly under her radar.

  • bob johnson March 11, 2011, 10:41 pm

    Yes – holy crap – this is definitely SO scary. What I can’t stop wondering is if it might be better to preemptively send Princess all my personal information or wait and see if she discovers it on her own. Maybe if I send it with a big tribute she’ll be sympathetic and not take so much more. Or maybe it would be better to wait and see what happens. Yes — holy crap — there is no question that this is so VERY scary.

  • Pig-marco March 12, 2011, 10:40 am

    Scary scary scary. Thinking about playing the blackmail entrapment Game. Mistress is so Hot but I’m scared to Death to lose Control ….

  • Phadre March 17, 2011, 8:08 pm

    I’m playing your Blackmail Entrapment / Extraction Game. I’m really curious to see how you’ll get information out of me!

  • teenytiny March 20, 2011, 2:59 pm

    Phadre you’re playing with fire!

  • John Evals March 31, 2011, 9:40 pm

    You are awesome and prove Your Superiority and power to be the strongest, in addition to being the most imaginative. Well sometimes a slave is happy to not be amongst the most valueble.
    In Awe..

  • paul April 24, 2015, 6:01 pm

    thats really cool.. how lucky to be intiimdated with your power and knowledge..would be so hot to be worthy of you using information gathering software