Niteflirt: NLP Trigger Words For Slave

Niteflirt Slave Becomes Nympho On Command:

My Niteflirt pet Holly GoLitely has gotten again too egotistical and needs to be brought down a few notches. So because I have been working extensively with her to turn her into my little slut I thought I would throw you submissive Niteflirt pigs a bone and allow you to use her as I do. Using this process and select phrases, you can make this little cunt become your ultimate play thing, all without her realizing it. Think of it like a robot or rather a sexual android that has their memory (literally and figuratively) wiped every time you use her. No matter how Superior she may feel over you, after completing this process successfully she will be mentally FORCED to do your bidding! Oh and don’t worry, I have blocked her from this post so she will never see it nor know about me selling this assignment and allow you slaves to use it against her. For me that is the best part, this little Niteflirt skank wont see it coming HEHE!

Niteflirt Princess Updates:

So it is still in affect that I am only taking calls by appointments only and my rate will remain at 1.99 for those who do schedule in advance. For now I am available most late evenings on weekdays and late evenings and a few day time spots during weekends but it depends on the day really, I have an ever changing schedule at the moment. I should be back to a normal schedule in about a month as right now I am busy getting my site redone * I do ALL the work on this site myself *, preparing for a trip to Vegas and of course keeping my current harem of you pets in line. I do have about 2 spots open for any pet who might actually manage to catch my eye or attract my attention positively but you better know how to treat a Goddess such as myself. All those who tribute towards my Las Vegas trip on Niteflirt will get a treat no one has to date received, though just the fact you suffered for me should be treat enough shouldn’t it ;)?

For those pets who haven’t purchased some of my recent mails or noticed, there is a new feature that is exclusive to my PTVS. For those who helped test this feature, good pets, those who haven’t noticed… well I can understand you were busy doing other tings. Perhaps later I shall reveal this to my pets * and girls who stalk my page to steal ideas LOL, its ok I know its HAAARD to be original!!! *. Those in my private club all ready know about it from my members blog!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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