Niteflirt Pay to View Game

I often wonder what is the lowest you freak balls on Niteflirt would go fetish wise to please and impress a Princess such as me. At least once a week I find some one more vile and gross then the previous bdsm slave who contacted me. Nightly I get calls on Niteflirt from you submissive whores who only want to do gross things and kick my gag reflex into high gear in order to achieve your orgasms… I have to say if that kind of stuff was what made me cum… I would give up on climaxing but hey as long as your doolling over your hard earned cash, I have no problem laughing my way to the bank!

That brings me to my latest Niteflirt Pay to View game! This game is kind of like a quiz game but not really! I have devised it to ask questions using scenarios in which will test you both as to what kind of submissive you are as well as how low you will go in that particular fetish in order to please me!

I have already released this pay to view game to my financial fetish heads on Niteflirt already and received shocking results! Most who took my little quiz found that they were sicker and more fucked in the head than they thought, hehe and you guys wonder why I AM the Princess of Phone Sex haha! Well fetish phone sex, I dont do that lick me suck me fuck me crap!

I did mention the prize no? Well its a prize I have not GIVEN out before in ANY previous game and is both rare and highly coveted… but you won’t know till you beat the game. 9 different ways to win 3 with the biggest prizes

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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