Niteflirt Seduction Part One

Naughty Princess Strip Tease Seduction

Naughty Princess Strip Tease Seduction

So what happens when a guy calls me who isn’t a submissive little loser? Well that never happens because all men are if you ask me. There are more females in this world then men; yet, you always seem them chasing us. Niteflirt and phone sex for that matter is no different. Why do you think my rates are high and they remain that way?

So Evan calls me up late last night, convinced that I will do a lick me, fuck me, suck me call. He just KNEW I wanted to secretly suck his cock and have him fuck me and be in his control…. WRONG!

Most would hang up on an insolent moron, but not I. He has money in his Niteflirt Phone account, than this fetish mistress is going to take it!

So what did I do? I played with his head! I got him all worked up about how I would tease him, got him close to cumming then made him stop. I would literally say a total buzz killer sentence like “Oh My, well I didn’t think you were that tiny. Guess if we did doggie style you wouldn’t be able to pull out?”. I was totally mocking him the entire call and he didn’t catch on till the end.

After an hour of  his attempts to get off, he finally cried out of pain and frustration that tease and denial was getting the better of him. I then made him tribute me in order to get off and explained that he was now officially an Amberly Absolute Loser.

He called back this afternoon, seems I have an new addict!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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