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NiteflirtNiteflirt Video Update:

I know how much you little drooling Niteflirt wankers love to drool to a good video so here is my latest update. Be a fly on the wall and watch what it is like to be on my end of the financial gain. One of my favorite long time blackmail pets, who just so happens to be on Niteflirt, asked for me to make a video just for him. He wanted to see what is like to be on the other side of the financial fuckery, to watch as I tease him and extract the cash. Now normally I do not take requests except for an mp3 here and there IF I find it to be a good idea… but since he has been such a good pet I couldn’t resist. Making him weak and banging the bucks out of his wallet is not only easy but amusing as he grows weaker and weaker for his Princess! So you other little Niteflirt fetish heads get to benefit and watch this video as well. 8 Minutes of being teased and teased and then teased some more by the most wicked Princess on Earth.

 Other Niteflirt Updates:

This week I shall FINALLY roll out my website make over as well as new listing. I have been so busy lately traveling * went to New York and Boston AGAIN and now off to Detroit AGAIN this year *, and then when I was about I was busy taking all the cash from you pets who missed me so!!! It is funny that after a one week hiatus I can come back and make 1000 AND still am on the 2nd page of find women on Niteflirt. It is proof that this Princess will always be on top ;).

For those of you NOT on Niteflirt, why the fuck aren’t you? Discreet billing, unlike another certain video site I do not get any of your information unless volunteered and you get access to ALL my wares… Sign up losers. The only draw back is they do not take Discover cards BUT you can always get a Green Dot Card or another Visa or Mastercard prepaid and hook up your account.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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