Non Blackmail Service Positions

non-blackmail-service-positionsEvery day I get potential subs and slaves who clammer to Me wondering desperately if they can serve without the looming fear of blackmail. I constantly blog about this fact and yet am constantly hounded for answers so… here is My latest mp3. Not only showing that yes there is a position for you to serve Me in My life but also what you could potentially do. There are far too many types of pets who serve me in different capacities to name them all so I listed a few of the more typical ones and ones I enjoy including the name of one special pet and what all he does for Me. Thats you Sissy Sarah ;). Yes I used capitals because he does trump all the others at least currently.

Don’t think for a moment this means I have gone soft.. far from! Instead, take it as proof that there is a forms of service outside of blackmail. I understand and know to well that that is just too hardcore for most of you but you like to live vicariously through the lives of other slaves and their blackmail adventures. You like to look through the glass and fantasize but never enter. That is FINE! I have many pets whom I talk about My blackmail pets with and there is no risk to them….

Oh Goddess but that isn’t true blackmail… meh. I am not here to live up to ANYONES standard other than My own. If you do not feel this is true blackmail.. by all means find a Domme you think does.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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