Bisexuality and Lesbianism Niteflirt Podcast

The picture featured above will be the background image to my niteflirt newsletters a select few of you will recieve,  I will be updating every day so instead [...]


Fetish Phone Birthday Bash

Guess who’s birthday is coming up really soon? I would love to think those who I have reminded previously on all the well wishes and plush lush gifts [...]


How Niteflirt Phone Sex Works

This post should have really been my first post and will be unique in its own right as it will be both post and page haha! Niteflirt as [...]


Phone Princess Back

Ok so it was a rather short trip but was rather eventful; from the lost articles to the high bridges * this is one Niteflirt Princess that doesn’t [...]


Female Superiority and Spankings

Hello again world, I am emerging back to the land of the living just to disappear but this time not so unexpectedly. I am moving as of Monday [...]


Updates: School, Munch, Second Life, Niteflirt

Life, as it has been recently, has been exceptional well. Good health, good grads, great friends, lots of fun and well economy hasn’t hit me hard yet but [...]


Slave Submission and CBT

I have a plethora of pictures for my readers today, but before you reach down into your pants and whip out your cocks please note none this time [...]


Podcast: Interview with Starlight

Ok just some show notes on another wonderful podcast interview with Starlight2939 of Niteflirt.com. We decided to talk about one of our many favorite fetishes which is sissy [...]


What Celebrity Would You Fuck?

Fuck.. ugh I really almost detest that word as its over used and I much prefer have hot monkey animal sex with! Or how about hump that sausage [...]


Foot Fetish Podcast Interview

I had the best time interviewing and being interviewed by a great domme named Sara of Sarasplayground.com! She is a Mistress like me on Niteflirt and is very [...]