Are you the type of Submissive Male that I would Go After?

I am asked often whether or not I would chase after a pet… ok that is a lie. Usually it is some loser wanna be submissive male suggesting [...]


Oh You THOUGHT You Got Away – Teasing Blackmail

I have a special pet who is very ‘weak’ for Me, more so than any other pet. In fact, I gave him his pet name MrWeakling. He is [...]


Wrecking Your Wife Mentally for Goddess Amberly

I have said several times that I love power and the mp3 that you obtain by clicking the picture to the left illustrates this wonderfully! Ruining a pet [...]


How I Gather Blackmail Information on My Pets

I frequently get pets who think they are ‘safe’ and I can not find them… so naive. In this digital age, any time you go to any website [...]


Hypnosis Phone Sex

What is Hypnosis Phone Sex: There is no umbrella catch all definition for the term, hypnosis phone sex. It really means a ton of different things to different [...]


How Can You Get Your Idea and Fetish Into My Mp3s

Have an idea for mp3, game etc… for Goddess to do? I have sooo many requests from blog comments, email and nf mail that I have decided to [...]


Making Your Wife More Submissive

It is only natural for a Domme who actually calls wives, bosses, neighbors and anyone you know … to have the knowledge of how to bend a person [...]


Will You Fall For The Teasing?

This is a challenge that I love to issue every once in a long while. With all My mp3s. videos and games… most pets find they fall and [...]


Protected: Simulated Blackmail Game

SOO the original game did blow up but I decided to change it up a bit anyways. Here it goes? Think your ready? Watch this video while listening [...]


Realistic Simulated Blackmail Game

First off.. no its not out yet, but yes! There is in fact a game that will be released soon but only to certain pets. Many have asked [...]