Another Wife Downed

Blackmail is not the only thing I am about no, but it is a subject that comes up a lot since I have redefined what it means to [...]


Giving It Away

Why I give away mp3s, videos and photos? I get this question often actually… Sometimes from fellow Niteflirt flirts but usually from some idiot who hasn’t bothered to [...]


Ass Worship Made Easy

Why do I need to tell you to click the image? How have you not done it by now? Seriously I took about 14 video clips, many that [...]


Get Blackmailed in 10 Steps

How many of you pets beg for blackmail… but want Me to chase you? I have always asserted that I never chase and for the most part it [...]


Cuckolded then Blackmailed

I get questioned on this subject SOOO often. Yes there is a way to blackmail pets who do not want it and it all depends on the kinks [...]


Blackmail: A Dangerous Fetish for Thrill Seekers

It is true, blackmail is indeed for thrill seekers. A recent thrill seeker decided to call Me up and found he got in too deep. NOW I know [...]


Ultimate Mean Girl

Mean Girls, great movie! But in all candor it is totally true! I was seriously one of those mean girls who purposefully would set others up for failure [...]


Domination Style: Why I am Different

So anyone who has followed Me closely throughout the years knows that I am a hot topic of many different blogs BUT I only really talk about Myself. [...]


New Blackmail Outting Method: 30 Days and OUTED!

Outing pets is what I have become famous for without a doubt but till now I have kept close to My chest some of the methods I unleash [...]


Top 5 Popular Blackmail Mp3s

  SOO much blackmail on Niteflirt and such a short time isn’t it? It is hard to believe that just 4 years ago I changed the entire internet [...]