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Ok so I usually do a fetishy related post and I get saturated with ims and emails about, Princess can you do a post thats more real? More day in your life style?

Usually my response is to not respond to such a stupid question or if I am feeling feisty to simply say that if you want to know me personally pay per minute to find out douche bag…. You losers are so whiney you know?

So today will  be one of the rare occasions where I feel like writing about myself, so you can get more of a feel for what it is like in the day of the life of some one Superior.

Today didn’t start off normal as I had an early morning class… Princess is always late turning paperwork in so I got stuck with a morning class rather than weekend or evening…..

Not only is it a morning class but a class Princess DETESTS: Ethics… Like this really matters to me nes pas? The Professor drones on and on and is rather strict; on a side note I am thinking of how to use him to fix my early morning and boring class problem. So I usually fall asleep in that class and have a nerdy guy up front take notes for me and even can get him to do my assignments. Poor sap, all he gets is a pet on the head and a good boy as I take my assignments and turn them in.

Well I had my breakfast after class cause you know it was still fucking 9 am when I got out… so annoying… At breakfast, I sit with my typical sorority sisters and we pop out our Elle magazines and go over the new designer lines or chit chat about some party or whatever. There is always this group of fat, ugly, cheaply clothed girls who position themselves really close to our usual table. They eat the cafeteria slop and muse about how life sucks for them. Of course life sucks your wearing Wal Mart clothes and Goodwill shoes…

After having a bit of a laugh at their expense its time to go shopping once a nice bunch of us are together. Once at the mall we shop about and usually go to some quieter old people store to hash out plans for parties or clubs that we want to go to for the weekend. I mean who wants to talk shop in some noisy store full of other college students who will overhear and totally ruin our plans?

Today was no different we planned our weekend at this new club no one knows about, since no one knows about it thats the perfect place to go clubbing and find fresh meat! I love to find older guys seeking to get away from the younger crowd, that have fat wallets to cough over. I would mention the clubs name here but HEY IM NOT GIVING THAT AWAY!!!! HAHAHA!!

Most of my sorority know about my Domina lifestyle, so today we opted to go back to my separate apartment where I host live sessions. I showed them my strap ons and was even coaxed into turning on my phone chat lines. Several of you losers called in and got gang banged by us. Was fun wasn’t it?

Now the girls are gone and I am left to answer emails and ims…. THIS is a very daunting task being as I do have a life…

I want to set something straight you retards do not seem to get though. Yes my Yahoo IM is out there for you all to see and message me by, but that doesn’t mean I have to answer. If you are new and never spent money on me before, know I probably will not answer any of your questions… only point you in the direction of where to pay me. Another issue that is quickly becoming way to much of a problem are those of you misguided miscreants who think that spending 30 bucks on me warrants unlimited amounts of time. I might chat with you for a bit but unless you are a frequent caller, frequent buyer of my paid mails, tribute me nicely or buy me stuff off my wishlist; chances are you will start finding yourself ignored. I do not WANT to talk to you, you mean NOTHING to me; so if you want my attention PAY FOR IT.

I would like to say that you need to check back on my site guys tomorrow I will have an important site update. I am officially making the Piggy Points Payout public. When you do stuff for Princess or spend money on me you get rewards, its like having a Amberly Bank but no interest rate! This feature was only available to those in Elite Pig status but now public as they have a new system set up. Also my Elite Pigs will also be posted in ranking order starting tomorrow. No more asking! I will also post how to become one of the few in this status and how to maintain such position, because at any moment any of them can be thrown off. Will you be the challenger?

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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