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Ok just some show notes on another wonderful podcast interview with Starlight2939 of Niteflirt.com. We decided to talk about one of our many favorite fetishes which is sissy boys and boy was it interesting. Ranging from why we love sissies to the fun we have playing with the to funny things we have done with our little fruitloops! Starlight is definately more of a sensual domme but don’t get me wrong she knows how to get you under thumb! Starlight is a true delight for any little sissy that comes her way and I highly recommend her! Get her boys before your going to have to stand in line!

Not sure if this is considered a V cast aka video podcast or not but I made my first crappy video with windows movie maker while drunk after a frat party a couple of nights ago, foolishly uploaded it to youtube and poof here we go lol. Nothing special just a mini advertisement set to some royalty free music I picked up a while back. Been meaning to make preview videos of the 4 videos I currently have for sale but I admit college is taking its toll and some of my goals I am surely not reaching.

Further news I would like to commend one of my new favorite little minions of Niteflirt, his screen name is jackoff jimmy, but to me he’s my personaly silly billy. His kinky fantasies are so indepth and erotic, he is one of the few piggies if not only that turn me on with his fantasies, I mean I really don’t have to add much. Now 99.9% of all fetishes get me off in some way shape or form or rather just amuse me, I just usually have to put my pervert cap on and add to it and usually shock the caller on the other end, “Oh MY FUCKING GOD! She just went THERE!!!! I didn’t even know that was POSSIBLE!” Yeah buddy I know your triggers and can take you a step further! But Jimmy! It’s a struggle but I can do it! He is a challenge and he knows how to spoil a Princess. So he definately deserves mention!

Special shout out to Tony as well my little chastity boy, haven’t heard from you in a bit, hope your still wearing that CB 3000 as I haven’t given permission to take it off. Tony is a special pet of mine, calls and sounds so pathetic, I don’t know if I should tease him or hold him to my breasts and coo at him and tell him everything is going to be alright…! He cries and whines and moans but personally I think I drained his bank account dry temporarily. See he called every day for a bit for decent periods of time and well his addiction seems to have gotten the better of him. To bad Tony you can’t take off your chastity belt till you call in and I give permission and I know you read my blog so don’t think I’ll offer it here! *evil snicker*. Makes me feel like snidely whiplash talking about him so but its ok, he likes it when I’m mean!

Also in other news, My birthday for all those that care, which is most everyone reading this blog, is Novemeber 9! I’ll be 21 and I know you guys want me to live it up since I’ll be finally legal to drink. No I don’t do Amazon, I take Niteflirt silly billys and tributing is a great way to get mentioned in my blog not to mention some unseen pictures that only tributing submissives and pay piggies get. I also am going into the photo studio again and will have some Amberly exclusives coming out probably around my birthday, if you want a sneak peak besure to RSVP by “donating” to my birthday bash fund! Who knows I might get naked and write your name one some dirty spot on my body and take a picture just for you!

That is basically it for today though I have some great things and new tasks in the work for this weekend so be sure to tune in guys you won’t want to miss some of the fun I have cooking!

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  • Billy Joe November 18, 2008, 12:46 am

    Wow Princess I bet you had a real good time at that Frat party you were at and I would definitively dress up as your sissy barbie just for you and derogation from you which I would love!