Princess! Blackmail Me MAKE ME PAY…

This is a non pay to view up date blog post, long time since I have done that right? I have been back for a bit now after taking a rather lengthy hiatus and I noticed one thing hasn’t changed very much at all. You all most likely know about my yahoo id amberlyownsyou and for a few my private id I have hooked up to my cell phone so you can reach me at any time, rather be drained at any time. As goes with most people who make their instant messaging contact information public, you get quite a few interesting messages and caliber or people looking to chat you up. I allow no one to upset me; anyone who has the power to affect your emotions by proxy has the power to control you, and I would never allow anyone that honor. I also do not get annoyed easily, for when someone is obviously just being a typical internet troll I just hit the block button and allow them to talk to themselves.

What I do get a lot, due to my reputation of being one of the most hardcore blackmail Dommes on the internet or actually the world; is a lot of guys who think I should just start researching them. I obviously have enough time/desire, to sit by my computer and hone in on EVERYONE who ims me, tweets me, messages me on email or niteflirt or calls me. I know it is hard to believe but we Dommes do have a life and it revolves around not only ourselves but those who show respect for our time upfront. My particular favorite pets are those who expect nothing for something not the other way around. It would seem though that the scene is taking a different turn. “Subs” are being taught that Dommes are to perform for them first and bend to their desires and whims and then be treated… Yeah not gonna fly. I will shut down my website and leave Niteflirt and the Interwebz first before I would lay down and give into some sub who has NOTHING to offer than other than his opinions and a drippy dick.

If you are coming to a Mistress of any sort, not just a hardcore one such as myself, it should go without saying that you are to be respectful. Simply sending a message in any format will not nor should it guarantee you a satisfactory answer. I mean if your goal is to be like a few I have run across and be a Fem Domme officiator then by all means, but you will be hard pressed to find someone willing to tolerate your antics and chances are if you do, they are not actually dominant… rather just catering to get to that cash ( not a bad thing just not my bag ). No, if your after true attention, even if your about to call the Domme of choice, make sure to nab her attention in the only form that matters to use… CASH. Yes it is all about the cash. Money is what makes the world go round and no matter what others say, it is all that matters. It is the symbol of true power and if you dive into someones bank account, it is relatively easily to determine what type of person you are and what you value. Money trails are like diaries and ones that can’t be lost or unwritten. That is the draw, that is the pull and I get it… that is why you wish for me to just take it from you…

What is taking a car away from a teen though? Or candy from a baby? Far too easy. That is why this doesn’t interest me. No, it is far more interesting to have you willingly hand it over to me. Sure you think this is probably lazy but think of they symbology. Taking your life voice and willingly handing it over to something you value. NO ONE values the thief in the night that loots their house ( Ok PERHAPS there is some odd fetish out there for that but I am SURE it is moot ). No, we value the person who effortlessly cons us out and gives us a sense of euphoria after we have given them money and essentially got nothing. How else would all those pyramid schemes and infomercials be so successful? Don’t believe me? Who here knows what a Snuggie is or has one? It is a backwards robe… Yet MILLIONS have subscribed and bought one, or two…. or three…

So to answer the on going question of will I just randomly latch on and drain someone dry who just happens to pop up… no. When you show me respect and that well… you are worth it and not some sniveling burger flipper with fetishy dreams, then and only then do you have a chance to become one of my prized pets.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • dom May 31, 2012, 8:01 pm

    You are unbelievably amazing Goddess. i melt every time i read Your words. You are just sooo dangerous