Real Life Wife Phone Call Preview

Blackmail Slave Gets Exposed by AmberlyRocks

WOW it really has been almost 6 years since I turned the Niteflirt fetish world upside down with this voice mail. Now the full 30 minute version can be found by clicking the link below:

11516280_2042222237_PTV105It is an oldie but a goodie for sure. If you are unsure of what it is, it is the first recorded wife phone call that I released. I remember all the messages I received, all the flirts who got upset at the unethical nature of such a release and pure flurry that happened. Before then, I was just any old flirt on Niteflirt that took calls and released a few pay to views here and there. After though? I went from 100 people on My customer list to over 5000 in the matter of two days. It was my first 10,000 dollar month on Niteflirt and the first of many.

I garnered hatred and love from all over. I was on everyone’s lips and have been since. When I released more phone calls and showed it was more than one wife? Oh that is when people realized, it was not just actors but real blackmail that I did. I redefined the fetish without even realizing or trying. I also learned youtube does not allow you to put even audio files this fucked up on their platform but luckily daily motion does! WOO HOO!

Honestly, I was so naive at that point that I thought that was JUST how everyone did blackmail. While Niteflirt calls can not be recorded as per their terms of service, me calling a naughty pets wife can. I had pets who stopped talking to me, not for morality reasons but out of sheer fear of what I might do to them. I truly exposed how real blackmail can truly get if a Domme is willing to go that far.

I also have had several ‘lawyers’ approach me about the legalities. Now as naive as I was to others methods of blackmail… I know my rights and actually would love to go to jail for such a story. The stint is not that long and I can publish my story and live like Heidi Fliess but minus the birds and drugs. I know I have said that before to the point of it almost becoming cliche but it is never the less very true.

Now, if you have been following Me but never heard that wife phone call preview? Run now and just don’t. Seriously, it will scare you off. I warn people often and for some reason it just makes you tap dance closer to the flame but know that I again warned you. My blackmail methods are very very real and should be taken seriously. If you do not want to risk exposure, do not even let me think for a second that you truly do want this!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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