Reality Tv Shows Negative Effect on Americans

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Trying to Think and Sneeze!

Trying to Think and Sneeze!

Ok so lets talk about my least favorite subject, the invasion of reality tv shows into my world. At first it was simple to avoid, pop on The Simpsons or Family Guy and away you go but now those are even to droll and the creators are pushing the series to far and even making reality show spoofs which to me is worse than watching the damn shows.

Lets analyze the stupidity that is reality shows.

A. They are NOT based on reality. They find the most mentally unstable, the most pompous asses and other undeniable social rejects and toss them into a huge mansion they wouldn’t normally be able to even get close enough to throw a rock at and watch the mayhem begin if not have the producers start it. Oh yeah those taped interviews…. can you say LEADING QUESTIONS.


Of course the mindless fucktwit is going to say yes, she is a fucking LEMMING. Now my response… um…. I met her like yesterday…. give me two months when we are both tired of looking at the same four fucking walls and looking at the same four fucking people and lets see if the answer remains the same….

B. They all revolve around dating. Nope don’t lie, even if its not a dating show the contestants always fuck and end up causing some one to go home cause the banging wasn’t as toe curling as the other would have hoped or was to good in some cases. Which leads me to my next point.

C. Celebs and celeb dating. They are ALWAYS some C class celeb, which true maybe higher status than me but by a CUNT HAIR! The celeb dating shows especially I Love New York GROSSS, fucking troll looking woman with an ignorant and arrogant attitude not to mention more fake parts than that Will Smith song *skin crawls*. Only contestants on that show want a chance in the spot light and you know they deserve it for kissing any one of those treasure trolls. Make a Who Wants to Fuck the Brains Out Of Jake Gyllenhaal Show Ill be there with bells and boots on and little else!

D. There is always a part fucking 2. If its a game show ok I can see it if its a good show like Fear Factor but fucking Who Wants to be America’s Next Top Model? GET OVER IT! The FIRST WINNER IS A FUCKING LOSER! Arianne Curry who I TOTALLY had the hots for is married to an old hag of hay Brady Bunch star for pete’s sake! She totally lost her modeling career and has to stick to cheap reality shows JUST to fucking cut muster, sorry guys I don’t think so, not a fan anymore! None of your girls I heard a thing from AFTER the show but maybe here and there, time to cut the cords on that flop. Also American Idol, Please Stop It Now! Only Kelly and Daughtry are worth a dam, ok I love Carrie too, the others? Where the hell are they? Burn that show! Fucking Simon’s comments are only funny for so long then its like, ” Is that his entire act?” Really only the auditions are worth watching and even those bring me to tears in how sad they are…

E. Every new show is a spin off of an older one which is slightly if not more pathetic than the first one even being aired. Your showing how desprete America is for entertainment by showing how exploiting how desprete American’s are to be famous, which the fame lasts about as long as it takes for a knat to change its mind and fly in a different direction. I mean other than being naked all the time, does anyone remember the name of the original Survivor or the winners after him? Don’t cheat and google and leave a comment its bad karma and a karma kitty will bite you!

F. Their maybe no scientific evidence to prove this but its my theory and by God damn I sticking to IT! Watching reality tv shows will KILL YOU FAST, I MEAN FAST IT KILLS BRAIN CELLS. Take a stethscope to your forehead while watching one *the Hills is included* listen as they scream and beg for mercy as they wither and eventually die of the mindlessness of it all.

Ok ok ok so I rattled on a bit again but after spending a Thursday and the better part of a Friday Night sick and in bed at home and flipping threw channels trying to avoid what I dread the most but being hounded with it this is the blog I wrote.

Happy fetishes?


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