Slave Submission and CBT

I have a plethora of pictures for my readers today, but before you reach down into your pants and whip out your cocks please note none this time are of me but rather the devotion my slaves and subbies have to show for and of me.

In my last post, I mentioned briefly one of my favorite subbies which is tony. He is a chastity slave who upon next Sunday will have been in his CB3000 for about a month and will have earned the right for a 24 hour period in which he will be given pictures of me to jerk off to and the right to have explosive orgasms, of course all the while on the phone with me. To test the loyalty of said slave and to see if he is a slave rather than a mere submissive *note difference will be discussed in next paragraph*, I had a simple task for him. To change his name to something reflecting me. Please note his old nf name was something like, bigtonysub or something of the like. Enter photograph A, to see the picture to it’s huge entirety be sure to click on it, then you can see the enlarged version

My Niteflirt Feedback and Tony's Ramblings

My Niteflirt Feedback and Tony

Tony’s new name as you can all see is now Im Amberlys. Now a question I was asked by one of my pal’s was how does this show devotion. Well everytime he leaves feedback or calls others his name will show up as Im Amberlys, denoting that he owns me. I am not naive to the fact most guys on NIteflirt are whores and call just about every girl on the damn site before their addiction is squandered (if it ever is…). This fact doesn’t bother me at all but when a guy says he is truly devoted and loves me this is a great way to find out if he truly means it. Other dom’s will be angered by his name should he call them and he knows it, and other know the wrath as well, so for him to change his name to that proves his devotion.

Ok as promised here is the difference between a mere submissive and a slave. I would rather refrane from making this post the novel it could be so I’ll try to make this brief. A submissive, just like a wild animal, is just a passive human who would rather not take the lead role in most obstacles; however, can and will set limits and will do some things on their own and of their own volition. A slave bows down and cowers and quite simply MUST have some one dictate their lives for them. From eating to drinking, from working to personal time, from clothing to cleaning; everything must be laid out for them or they feel helpless and empty. It is the dominant’s job then to fill the void the slave is feeling and give them purpose and meaning; and it is that in a nutshell that I seek to achieve with Tony.

As more proof of his love here is a testiment from Tony to me, during a time he couldn’t afford to talk to Princess, I have a nasty habit of draining his Niteflirt account dry, opps lol. Read the rules of a truly devoted submissive slave, for those serving other mistresses, goddesses and princesses please read his words and learn and feel the love and devotion a true devotee should have for that in which he or she is devoted to.

Niteflirt Slave Testiment

Niteflirt Slave Testiment

When he came to me he was very weak minded; yet, lost not knowing exactly what it was that he was searching for, that is when he landed on my Niteflirt page and we began to speak and he told me of his situation. I began to correct his misconceptions about a dominant and submissive relationship and then realized he was far more pathetic than your run of the mill sub man, he was a true chastity and control slave. So all those rooting for Tony, please give him encouragement this week as its his last week before he goes back into the bondage he so righteously seeks. Maybe I can introduce him into the work of cbt, for those that don’t know what the fuck that is, its cock and ball torture, quiet fun if done right!

Moving along to another one of my favorite subbies is a subbie who will remain nameless but I can say this…. HE IS A BIG sissy and extremely kinky and amusing. I mean take a gander at THIS PICTURE:

Sissy in Lace Undies

Sissy in Lace Undies

Sissy Ass Fucking

Sissy Ass Fucking

I love a nice forced bi slave and he was happily turned into a sissy just for me. Now I am quiet observant of limits for my submissive males and his was  no males, but that doesn’t mean Princess can’t whip out her dong! That’s right I made him deliciously happy with Princess’s big fat 10 inch dildo. Started with some oral training and finished off in his man pussy aka ass training. The pictures are to die for if you ask me =). Please note the use of a tooth brush as a make shift dildo for his in the closet fairy ass, I love it!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • Billy Joe November 18, 2008, 12:41 am

    ooo that would be an honor to get your big 10″ dong on in my pathetic Clit where it belongs for even bigger “‘s in my Clit which must of been a very special privilege of your slave to do that Princess