Slutty Suzy Posts: Why Theses Are Showing UP

Ok this is your Princess Posting, yeah be happy bitches!

These odd posts invading my blog are posts that a slave is actually posting This bozo is so addicted to me and wantted new assignments so I decided; my blog needs updating, I am to busy to do it…. ILL HAVE A WEB SLAVE DO IT!

He will post about whatever experiences he has with me! Finally a first person view on how FUCKED you guys are when you come into contact with me, the succubus of niteflirt!

I will still be posting don’t you worry! My podcasts will still come out, but for me and my girlfriends there is NOW more reason to read my blog and laugh. For you and the other losers there is more reason for you to become addicted.

Who will earn the right to post in this mecca to dumb asses, retards and man puppies? Who will be my next completely submissive slave? Who wants to share their experiences on my blog and prove how truly devoted they are to me??

OH SUZY your next assignment?? I have a 10 page paper I need written on how expansionism hindered the growth of the everglades for my Biology class! GET TO WORK ON THAT PIG!

On that note I want to post that Niteflirt’s beta site is up! You can call tribute and buy my stuff once again! CLICK HERE. Anyone who calls me in the beta testing will receive brand new exclusive pictures of me as well as 3 free minutes for calls over 20 minutes, as an incentive to test the beta site out. Princess is quite generous!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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