Slutty Suzy: The Hang Up Game: Pavlov’s Dog

This is for all the mistresses that want to destroy and own us pathetic, addicted, cum gluzzing sluts. I first experienced this game over 30 years ago. It works because it is Pavlov’s Dog training. You all know when a slut is anticipating that call, that call he needs so badly. So you call, have phone sex and it’s over. Wrong, what you do is train them like Pavlov’s Dog so when the phone rings his dick twitches – for the rest of his life.

First call, his heart starts pounding, you hang up. You call again, maybe, maybe this time you don’t hang up, but only talk for a few seconds, make him think this is the call, oh sorry, have to run, I’ll be right back, you hang up. Maybe next call will be in 1 minute, or 5 minutes, or 30, you keep him guessing but you condition him so that when the phone rings his heart starts pounding, his pathetic cock starts twitching. PAVLOV’S DOG, so simple but at it’s core it’s complete re-conditioning. Make no mistake how powerful this is.

I completely forgot girls, you make your piggy’s shoot their wad and only talk to them for like a minute after they pay for 1/2 hour; how? Well, part of this game you tell the slut they can’t answer the phone until after it rings 3 times, this way you can one ring the crap out of the little bitches and every time the phone rings PAVLOV’S DOG” they jump, their pathetic dick jumps and now they wait at the phone praying it will ring 3 times.

Amberly Note: while suzy wrote this I want to say that to make this work with niteflirt just simply have him call a private line that isn’t published and answer for only one minute or so.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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