Submissive Attempt To Top from Bottom

financial destruction

It is no hidden fact that I know a fetishist when I see one. Oh Princess but what is a fetishist???

A fetishist is just like a spectator, they observe and occasionally will get involved in the activity at hand but for the most part stay very far away from the fun or danger depending on the sport. Yes I said sport, because that is how a great many of you who contact me treat this as. This is not your lifestyle, even if you have submissive tendencies. This is not who you think you are nor want to be. You are a real man in the outside world with lots of clout and respect from your colleagues and you would never stuff a real strap on up your ass or hand over $2000 at the whim of a girl who just sneezed in your general direction. You wife actually enjoys having sex with you and doesn’t think about what new drapes shes going to buy or how awesome her weekend fuck with that much younger and more handsome guy was, NOOOOO….

Go ahead tell yourself that you read my blog for the half naked pictures and possible mentioning of upcoming specials so you can get even more pictures or video with me. Tell your self your hard on isn’t because you just saw my latest posting of items on my wishlist, the new pictures of the items you losers bought for me or the latest guy I got to give me his information and post here on this blog. Those who try to resist often turn out to be the most fun to fuck with as the begin to realize that yes I know what you are and yes you have already lost simply by emailing me, messaging me on yahoo or commenting on this blog.

You might message me asking for a casual conversation but then find your self loosing 30 dollars here then 50 dollars there and finally the 100’s roll out of your pocket as the precum dribbles from your penis. You addiction has only just begun!

Topping from the bottom?? Ha wont happen here pal….

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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