Succubus Domination or Witch?

College Cuckold

College Cuckold

I have been often called a succubus or a witch by scorned men after I have taken large sums from their Niteflirt accounts or played them like a fiddle; case in point Justin, who sent me tons of money over the past couple of months. So much so that he had to refinance his house and explain to his wife why they have gone into the red after years of saving and buildint that 401k that  he so readily handed over to a girl half his age but with twice his brains.

Those are simply the breaks guys, simply how it goes when you call upon me to financial dominate you. I am a succubus and well money is the ruler of the world and our life force, so in that sense yes I am here to drain you of your life force. The other part of being a succubus is being glamourous and goregous and we both know that is exactly what I am. I am the girl you could never land in real life; yet, always pined to be with.

Some also say I am a succubus as I bewitch you into a trance and cast my spell so well you do not struggle to get out from under me. This is true I guess but it is not me but my subconscious that grabs a hold of you and winds you into my will and binds you to me. That powerless feeling is in no way from any effort on my part, just a natural essence that emits from me and flows into you. Your fingers hurry to click my call me button, your eyes beg your brain to allow you to buy all my pictures, your ears ring at the sound of my voice and mp3’s; your hopeless and lost without my guidence. Its natural and almost expected; therefore, that is why I am here but not just to save you but for my own personal amusement and gain as well.

Fuck enchantresses and wizard women and any of the sort. A real dominate doesn’t have to create spells in order to have you in their control… you will JUST BE. This is why I am not what one would call a witch, as outside forces are not at work in order for you to serve me. For a spell to work, there must be a way to break it and as many of you have seen, that isn’t very possible in cases such as mine, where my hold on you is firm and only at my choosing is broken.

Do not dispair my losers, you could be like Kyle who had to pay 500, yes 500 dollars to me for being an oh so bad boy. Kyle came without permission yet again, the thrid night in a row. Sure he was calling on one of my more expensive lines, at 8.99 a minute ( why he insists to call my ignore line but not want an ignore call I do not know but hey I am NOT complaining), but that doesn’t mean he earned the right to cum. Contrary to popular believe, a true submissive will not just cum he will beg for it, knowing he doesn’t deserve anything unless he is granted by the superior female in his life, and we all know the way to get it from me.

Amuse me and we will go far, cross me and prepare to pay up! Succubus I will admit I maybe but witch, no sir just a bitch!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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