The Slave Who Tried To Blackmail ME!

Before I get to the story about the newest idiot to hit an all time low with me, here is the corrected link to my Blackmail Confessional mp3 that didn’t go out last week. It was really funny seeing how many messages and emails and ims I got from you slobbering snails about how you were dying for me to correct it. I actually left it uncorrected this long on purpose to watch the suspense grow and well also the anger. How dare Princess make the most coveted of the 3 be mis-linked so you can’t get the Blackmail Confessional mp3. Well here you go pets, watch as I totally break you down with my sweet innocent young voice and then entrap you into what many of you have been trying to avoid.

So back to the title of this blog post… One of you idiots on Niteflirt decided he could cut me off and end blackmail early. He didn’t take the normal methods, no he actually hired a private investigator to track me down and when I called him about his missing payment well, he tried to flip the script on moi. He thought he could then pimp me out like I do you piggy banks. Well I wouldn’t exactly have my website still up nor be posting this if it actually happened or I didn’t find some way to come out on top! I play his little game just long enough to make him think he actually got away with it only to find he found himself deeper in my TRAP!

The method in which I use to break down this loser is beyond the pail! I could try to describe it; however, it would not do true justice to how I made this piece of scum feel after he realized he couldn’t blackmail me even though he clearly knew ALL my information! I am that air tight!! Oh he thought he had me under his thumb he did, only to find out he dug his hole even deeper! The total take on this loser was $15,000 last month! Now you slaves understand why I have been so elusive on both Niteflirt and yahoo, simple…. I have been so busy spending his money and yours! Part 2 of the slave trying to take down the ultimate blackmail Mistress is my BEST live phone call mp3 to date! I out did myself in getting into this retards brain and bending him to my will.

On a side note, there have been many rumors running about and I would like to address them. I have been addressing them by simply not addressing them, I mean those who are spreading them have no clue what they are talking about or surely my site would be shut down by now lol. As I have gone over before, being Superior is NOT based on the term beauty because beauty is in the mind and being Superior is as well. The only difference is being Superior doesn’t change on a generation to generation basis, it just IS. Being Superior is an attitude and lifestyle not getting lucky with physical genetics.  Though if you would rather worship someone who clearly is a sub in real life and will get naked for you for money * albeit a high amount of money * then by all means whatever blows your skirt up. If you want someone who truly will fuck with your brain and leave you wondering how did you get so beneath my own morals? Then your in the right place ;).

Last thing I shall address, I love the rumor mill because love and hate are both forms of obsession and for those who continue to flock to my site to see what I am up to and try to send hate mail well… it is flattering really. NO I am serious! I hardly go to others sites because well… I have a life and when I have the time lately I am busy promoting my site or getting all the content I have stocked up out to my slaves. Those who write exposes about me well, again they have the TIME to try and discuss that which has been prove a lie… again my site would be down by now if anything you were saying was true. As many as you can see, I do not write about others in my blog and especially direct link to them… why?? Because I have HIGH traffic and I am NOT going to ever send it to them. Even bad press is still press! When you diss others, your still exposing them to people who might never have found them and hell they might LIKE what you DISLIKE. I will not do that favor for those who do it for me but feel free to continue. Now I know I just contradicted myself, you know they are writing about you but you don’t visit their site? Well I check my traffic stats and pets often feel the need to message me about the stuff they find. I laugh it off and get back to business cause well… at the end of day that is exactly what we all are doing, business! Just like the Coke Challenge as a smear campaign, its just jealousy of the competition doing better than them and trying to eliminate them so that MAYBE they can scoop up what they leave when they exit. Now that sounds like a sub to me don’t it boys? Not a Superior Female who is comfortable in her own shoes.


Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • d May 12, 2011, 2:49 pm

    It seems to me to blackmail someone the blackmailer must have really nothing or not much to loose by exposure. He obviously had something to loose. So Princess Amberly, did he originally give you fake info?

  • Mistress May 12, 2011, 2:52 pm

    No, it was real but he didn’t realize exactly what he had to loose. He also thought having info on me would stop me, hence no fear…. use your brain

  • d May 30, 2011, 12:11 pm

    Princess Amberly, you make mention of rumors and the like in this post. I like most probably had no idea of such rumors. Are other dommes emailing you? I guess I am not in the same rumor mill. Where are people writing about you? I am just curious what rumors are being spread(it’s the nature of rumors). Being curious can be dangerous around these parts(as you know) Oh and I do totally agree with you that being dominant or superior really doesn’t have much to do with beauty, but it can’t hurt 😉

  • Mistress May 31, 2011, 1:13 pm

    I am not going to post links to people who clearly are jealous and have nothing better to do than to try and take down what they have no clue about. I don’t believe in giving people my traffic for free, I guess they need it cause they would love it if I did. I have said far more than the simple matter deserves and will not be discussing it further, frankly I have way too much of MY STUFF to push and get out there to worry about petty rumors and those who clearly can’t make my bank.