Top 5 Popular Blackmail Mp3s


amazing-blackmail-mp3 SOO much blackmail on Niteflirt and such a short time isn’t it? It is hard to believe that just 4 years ago I changed the entire internet with one mp3 proving that I really do out MEN to their WIVES! I showed I was and still am the ULTIMATE home wrecker.

What better way to tribute this fact than to post My top 5 most amazing Blackmail Mp3s right?

  1. Blackmailed Wife Gets Called: This is the mp3 that started it all. It took Me from just a random Niteflirt Dominatrix to THE BLACKMAIL GODDESS. It sparked controversy around the internet as people debated the morals of actually outing a husband to his wife and much less taping it and selling it. 100% real, this mp3 has scared so many from actually entering into contracts with me and pushed others into their doom!
  2. Blackmailed Boss: I can not make a list about those I have extorted without adding these two gems and since are in one blog post, they count as one. This family I totally dismantled and I recorded every dirty step! This one I thought I would be in legal hot water for extorting so much but no… the family decided they had too much to lose if this went into the news feeds
  3. Blackmail Victim Leaves Voicemail: Seriously… this is hilarious. This pet left me voice mails just wanting it all to end and for himself to be able get escape me. I got so sick of listening to him whine and cry that I just left all his calls to go to my voicemail and you can listen to him on my string. On one hand he wants me to stop outing him slowly to everyone and on the other hand he wants my attention still.
  4. Blackmail Phone Sex Lawsuit: This really did happen! Goddess really did this time have to face a judge and I did record the phone calls that ensued between myself and this pets wife! Due to my process though, there was no way for her to win at all! I took all their money and then SUED THEM for frivolous lawsuit. Perhaps this should be higher on my list.. meh its number 4 for now haha!
  5. Blackmailing Losers Who Do Not Want It: This mp3 just makes me giggle. I of course only blackmail those that come before me and want it. To become interesting as a potential blackmail pet at any rate requires you talking about with me and showing some interest but this Mp3 does detail a bit of how I got some pets who were … hestitant to give into My level of play 😉

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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