Ultimate Mean Girl

ultmiate-mean-girlMean Girls, great movie! But in all candor it is totally true! I was seriously one of those mean girls who purposefully would set others up for failure and you know what? I honestly have no regrets. There will always be a class system in every society and it is the school of hard knocks that makes people tough and rise to the top. I have always been of the mind that if a person can not adapt then they do not deserve their place. Heartless? Perhaps, but it is a cold fact of life that you have to get a helmet if you want to weather the punches and I like to believe I made the world a better place by keeping all those peons in line.

More on the social class system that at least exists in America. People think it is an economic inequality that exists but I have seen dirt poor kids become millionaires. People say that inner city kids lack the opportunities that rich kids do. I will not argue this for the most part but those children that are driven find ways! The inequality is not monetary but mental. If you know your superior, no amount of people will keep you down. It is this system that has built me success. People who were given a privileged spot due to the cosmic chance of being born in a wealthy family that do not know how to handle the gifts given to them. That is fine though, as I am a great person and willing to readjust this cosmic transgression. By putting someone who was clearly born inferior in their place, I am just balancing the Darwinian scale! See its not evil. I am just giving back!

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  • doug October 5, 2014, 10:16 pm

    I am not out fucking women I am on niteflirt..I have the loser gene..that’s why I can’t identify with any woman treating me with respect

  • Calvin chavis September 9, 2016, 10:54 am

    That’s why I fear you so much because how you to reduce me to my proper place and expose me and make it impossible for me live the lie and pretend to be an alpha male with a big dick and you could take that life style away from me