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Niteflirt Hottie

Niteflirt Hottie

Life, as it has been recently, has been exceptional well. Good health, good grads, great friends, lots of fun and well economy hasn’t hit me hard yet but at either front I think I’m prepared. This is a time for me to really reflect and count my blessings thus far as the hectic and often times hellish hoildays approach. Ahh, time for burnt turkey, condecending/ drunken relatives recanting about the times we all would rather forget, missed airplane flights home (or cancelled due to snow), photographer wantting to spend more time at home so I don’t get the pictures I want done done, and of course mid terms YAY! Ok so that sounds more humbug than Whoville, but we all know no matter how much we whine bitch or complain about the choatic times that approach, we wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Ok so on with those updates! School has been a blast and I had some killer projects this semester that was actually quiet fun to complete. I mean to biology project of growing flies, sounded so gross I was going to get one of my obcessed geeky guys to do it for me. All he wants in return is simple achknowledgement that yes indeed I know who he is, pair of my dirty panties to jerk off to and sniff (maybe even wear you never know) and to play this game Second Life with him. (more on that later). It was my friend Erica that convinced me to do it though, as she needed a lab partner and isn’t as used to working her assets *if you know what I mean* as I am. I felt kinda like Young Frankenstein building some sort of group of evil minions for my devilish army, what can I say you don’t always have to grow up! The project was mildly gross but I’m a trooper and got over it and received a well deserved A for me and my gal pal, guess I really don’t have to do anything nice for while as I committed my act of kindness for the year!

School is also beginning to get a tad stressful as all the term papers and projects are coming up due, but just like I do with my subbies, I am always ahead of my game.  In most cases, I got the papers done within the first two months of classes and polished off the harder ones recently. While everyone else is stressing out, I am sitting pretty and partying it up with the other non slackers; the air up here is very fresh boys lol.

Ok on to the juicy stuff, the stuff I know you boys care to hear about, my real life bdsm life style and what is up with that! Ok so for those who are new or just simply have no clue what a Bdsm Community Munch is, its when a group of the people in a local area get together and talk about themselves and everything. Sounds simple and normal,  the only twist is we are all into the BDSM lifestyle. No, I don’t go there and degrade guys *ok the situation some times calls for it I admit* or dress them up and pimp them out. It is usually at a local resturant, though I have gone to parks and the like before, and very public. We mainly talk about how life is going and any interesting new things we have tried out. We are very close as a whole and take very good care of one another; if we have a slave we wish to pass around we can mention that, bringing in new dommes, talk about parties in which we can hang loose and openly dominate submissives and that kind of thing.

So this past Saturday I went to my local Munch meeting, my group does twice weekly munches *a bit more frequent due to size, many can’t make one so they go to another and tons go to both!*. We talked and laughed and cracked jokes as usual but what made this time different than the last was the waiter of my table. Normally we get served and if we are discussing a topic a bit to riskai for the average joe, the staff of whatever establishment we happen to be in just kindly ignore and laugh behind close doors, no biggie. This guy became ENGAGED in our conversation about spankings and floggings. He recanted one of his more erotic fantasies very quietly so that the other members of his work staff didn’t hear. I remember vividly the glimmer in his eye as he told of having a hot girl fully clothed forcefully bend him over her lap and paddle him. It was then I had to chime in and add what if it was in front of other hot girls, to add the aire of humiliation to the spanking. His eyes grew big and I thought I had scared him and stepped to far; however, the bulge in his pants told me otherwise. He made sure our table had plenty of drinks and made it a point to slip the bar tab to me in which he wrote his number. I pocketed it for future use, as he is VERY SEXY!

That night I totally called him at risk of seeming desprete, but how could you blame me? A cute, new and young hottie wantting a spanking? No girl can resist a new toy! Anyone saying she can is a obvious liar! Dialing his number, you can not imagine the glee I got as he answered and I told him who I was and asked if he was interested in a live session with me. His first answer, I kid you not, was how much?! I love it! He knew from the get go that I was not a push over. From there we set up a date and time which will be this Monday, a day he has no class or work and I get to fuck with him all day! I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT!

Ok so on to Second Life. For those who may not know, Second Life is a game online that you can play to basically get away and out of your own life. I admit I used to play it a few years ago when I would have late night insomnia and didn’t have a car to go clubbing, *eww those days*. I now occassionally will go check messages and see what some of my favorite pals on there are up to and fuck with men. Even in the virtual world I can smooth theses guys into giving me crap, and no not fake shit I am talking money. You can purchase in game money with real money and transfer between characters. Within 20 minutes of logging on I was 100 dollars richer! It almost made me rethink what I spend my time on…. almost! It was pretty fun taking those guys money just for a few minutes of chat time on Second Life and milking one guy dry (duly noted that he is a poor cheap bastard but made me giggle none the less!). So watch what your doing guys, if your on the net your not safe from me.

Ok so Niteflirt has been treating me well, or rather my loyal subjects on niteflirt are. I have received a record number of tributes this week and I have to say I do believe its because many recognize my birthday is coming up. Warning: next sentance is a useless plug and attempt to milk your wallet in time for my birthday bash! My birthday for those who don’t know is November 9th and as I will be 21 years old I want a huge party I won’t soon forget. I sent out a mass mail of free minutes to my spenders list aka customers who spent a nice amount on me and they reciprocated by sending me tributes! While I could post the transaction lists, I decided to dedicate this notice to one of my favorite new slaves, Tony, I am sure you guys are getting sick of reading that name. Though it was by far the lowest amount of a tribute I received this week, it meant alot cause it came from one of my frequent callers, most respectfuly slaves, and some one who no matter what listens to my perverted suggestions almost with a sadistic glee.

Slave Tribute

Slave Tribute

Keep it up guys and my birthday party bash pictures will be off the hook. Note all those that contribute to my party will get 100% exclusive party pictures FROM my birthday bash!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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  • Billy Joe November 18, 2008, 12:38 am

    That seems very enjoyable by one of your slaves Princess & how you enjoy spanking men to there ass is Sore bright red which is what I would need from you right now as where I stand from you Princess

  • DreamOfAmberly December 24, 2014, 8:35 am

    Oh, to be that geeky nerd engaged in Biology with Goddess Amberly.
    Oh, to be that lucky waiter who experiences live domination from the world’s best Mistress (sigh).