What is this Password Protection Thing About?

Ok so many messaged me about my last post which is password protected. So many of you crying that you can’t see what is behind door number one… well my pets and morons that is specifically for my new favorite personal pet Mikey. Though he has one mark against him, get that name corrected Mikey, he has shown extreme amounts of loyalty and unlike some of you half wit tiny dicked fucks, he is quite brillant and a pleasure to talk to. So much so he is one of the wise ones who paid to get into my members area in order to call me at my hidden line just for my personal pets and Amberly Members of $1.99 while the rest of you pay $2.99.

Mikey is an all around slave who likes to just serve and know hes useful. He does have a wife but well we came pu with a rather creative way to get around her. Nope won’t mention here boys… lol. He really knows how to shower a Princess with tons of compliments as well knows the proper way to my heart. Addicted? Yes I believe he truly is which is why he got one of my rare and oh so covetted personal mp3’s * perhaps some personal pics if he continues to act right *.

So to answer the question how do you get access to Mikey’s post? You DON’T!!! Only he gets the password and if you geniuses learn how to be a true slave you might just get a public pass word protected post containing goodies that are only for you to see and or hear!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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