Wife Humiliation Mp3

So for however long it stays up there is the youtube to my latest preview wife call! Over the weekend I wasn’t able to mass mail you losers on Niteflirt to let you all be aware of the latest under goings or rather undoings of this particular family but that I can here we go.

As with all you losers, YES the loser who got called out above DID IN FACT pay me immediately after hearing this full 15 minute call to his wife; in which I name his fellow co workers as well, yes I found out who he works with! What is worse is the family changed their phone numbers, only for this bdsm slut to call be back up and give it to me again. I prank called his wife with my girlfriends all night long till she was in tears! What is better is the police were called, only to find out the husband gave me the number making it all 100% legal… I mean I was calling to get a hold of him after all and she just wasn’t putting him on…. I wonder if she will be like Emma and stay with him, realizing that he found a far more superior woman than her… or will she leave him?

Who knows? This story is still unwrapping as we speak! Be sure to call me up on Niteflirt for further details about this family’s torture!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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