Wife Humiliation: Tracking Emma Down After 1 Year

Emma’s Torment Doesn’t End: Original Wife Humiliation

Do you Niteflirt pets remember Emma Thompson, the original wife humiliation project that I recorded and released? Well today is a special day, though I did not release the mp3s till December, I had been messing with her and her family since a year ago to this very day. I started by calling her and pretending to be various organizations to gather information and also so that then husband Eddie would know Mistress was in his life more so than he thought. I can imagine his wife calling him up and asking about a representative from XYZ being named Amberly calling up! Or a Mrs. Larson leaving a message telling him to call the M O M Bank regarding one of his corporate accounts!!

So after a year, I decided to call her up, and it took a few attempts but I finally caught her at home. She got a verbal lashing by me, was freaked out that I managed to find her and a few MORE SECRETS WERE REVEALED! Oh in this part one, ten minute live recorded call you, you find out exactly what life after blackmail can be like! Wive humiliation is something I really love doing can you tell? I have to admit, of all the wives that I have humiliated Emma is the best. I still have her so indoctrinated and mental that she can not just hang up on me; she screams and cries and has to fight to get that “control” back. She is the one who really turned me on to wife humiliation!

Your wife could be mine: Join in the wife humiliation train!

That is right pets, I love wife humiliation so much that I want to humiliate your wife. BUT I realize for most of you poor pets its just fantasy. Where in the past I was not interested unless its real, I will be allowing you to get the feel of what it would be like pets. This weekend, I will be doing custom recordings for those who prepay before Saturday for personalized wife humiliation mp3s. That’s right, hear what I would say directly to your wife and how I can twist home wrecking into a wife humiliation nightmare! Not only verbal abuse, you might be able to pick up on my signature MK Ultra subtle techniques in which I use to hold a wife in place on the phone, disabling her desire to hang up. The human mind is so much fun to fuck with and I love using it to mess with you and wives heads! So you can safely see exactly the mental damage I would do if I could find a way to do it. Wife humiliation taken to the next level… showing you exactly how I will control the woman you call yours. They say financial domination and money is the ultimate form of power exchange… no your LIFE and your WIFE are. Give into wife humiliation today and tribute a mere $20.00 for your personalized recording pets.

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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