Wife Humiliation Update

So if you haven’t heard the blackmail phone call heard round the world your majorly missing OUT! Ill post the preview AGAIN, this post:


It has caused quite the stir that is for SURE! I have gotten a lot of unapproved comments from both submissive men and Dominate Ladies. Some are just cautioning about the legal ramifications of blah blah blah; some are people calling me a home wrecker, a conscious less whore,  serpents wife and other stupid redundant adjectives; while still some others wanted to say how AWESOME the mp3 was, how creative, how ground breaking; yet there is my favorite kind… this person, the one who threatens to call the cops and alert the authorities of my blog. This is not the savvy person scared I might go to jail, but someone who wants to personally be responsible for putting me there.

This is all so laughable being as nothing is going to happen to me and they know it as well as I do ;). The only people that can stop this is the Thompson family. This saga continues as the wife pays me to keep Part 2 off the market. I will say in part 2 she tries to pay me off to take down all my posts and stop selling the mp3, to BAD!! Are you mad Emma? Take it out on your wimpy husband who tries to reneg on contracts already agreed upon. You know verbal contracts do stand up in court. Given as I am a perfect stranger, me knowing all that info about him proves he agreed to ALL OF THIS!

Back to the summary of PART 2: Blackmail Wifey Calls Back: She agrees to pay me weekly to keep his pictures and video of him sucking cock for me to pay his tab to me off the site. I can agree to this, I mean now I am  getting money from the humiliated wife as well as the weak husband. She is so worried her community MIGHT find out about what has happened. She even changed her phone number, which she gave it RIGHT back when she called me. Dumb bitch didn’t think to use *67…. and two idiots decided to have children… scary thought!

Thanks to my friends at Hogspy, they found the blackmail mp3 absolutely GROUND breaking!! Apparently not many Domina’s like to prove that they will do exactly what they threaten. Great write up Hogspy LOVE the site!

Now I am not stupid,  I totally understand that this is a controversial piece and may even be the first of its kind to hit the internet. For these reasons, I understand that it is going to get a lot of attention. For those of you who don’t believe the hype though look at the following pictures as PROOF:

financial dommeniteflirt money mistress

Please note the second screen shot is just of this MORNINGS SALES!!! If that isn’t enough for you nay sayers then of course there is my glowing feedback regarding the mp3!!Below is the button to buy the mp3 still, listen to what others are calling outstanding! Learn why these submissive punks are crying that I am deadly and DANGEROUS! Listen to my home wreaking conversation!

Emma your payment is till late by the way, you need to send me the last $100 for this week by tonight’s end or I will post the 2nd part of this blackmail mp3!!! Ill even list it lower than the first one so that EVERYONE will BUY IT and listen before you can come up with the money to make me want to take it down! I always thought it was fun to humiliate men and take their money; what is more fun is when their women are just as dim!

Goddess Amberly: Notorious REAL Blackmail Fetish Mistress


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